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Why should I care about web browsers?

One of our favorite questions! Which I’m going to answer with...

This all sounds really ambitious, but can you really pull it off?

Of course, no start-up is a sure thing, but we feel good about...

Aren’t startups super unstable and hectic? I have a life and bills to pay, you know.

Totally get that! Working at a startup is definitely a risk, no...

What is your team actually like?

They’re fantastic. Everyone on the team is kind, humble and...

I’ve heard startups are not very diverse, even for tech. Can you tell me about your company’s diversity?

We are reimagining the browser, a tool for every person on the...

What about your benefits?

We think we have pretty great benefits. The receptionist at my...

Okay what are you specifically hiring for?

Even if you don't fit the exact role that fits your qualifications, it's worth dropping your details to one of our Talent Pools. We always review folks in our Talent Pools when opening up new roles!
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