This is a web browser.

It’s just a frame, with some buttons and toolbars.

It’s our window to everything on the internet.

We love the internet, but it can be overwhelming.

What if a browser could help us make sense of it all?

Could a browser keep us focused, organized and in control?

At the Browser Company, we’re building a better way to use the internet.

When we think about browsing the internet, we often ignore the browser itself. Instead, we think about all the things we do online—the articles we read, the emails we send, the shows we watch. The software that enables it all, the browser, is so ubiquitous that it’s ignored.

Despite the ways our internet use has evolved, the browser has remained relatively unchanged. While all of our other software tools are changing for the better—with more collaborative features, flexible interfaces, and powerful functionality—the browser largely still does what it did twenty-five years ago.

What’s more, we blame ourselves for the browser’s shortcomings. When our browser has an overwhelming number of tabs, we call ourselves inefficient; when we get distracted online, we tell ourselves we need more discipline; when we can’t find a url, we think we’re disorganized. Why does the browser get a free pass?

That’s why we’re building a new browser, which we call Arc, because we believe browsers can do so much more to empower us. We’re imagining a browser that can think as quickly as we do, take work off of our plates, and pull our creativity forward. A browser equipped for the way we use the internet in 2024, and foundational for how we hope to use it in the future.

Our Team

We’re a team of founders who sold their last company, ex-Instagram engineers, former Heads of Design at Tesla and Medium, multiple Google Chrome alums, alumni from Snap, Slack and Pinterest, and so many other people who have done it before. Work with us →


Beyond our team, we’re lucky to be supported by our family and friends, as well as investors who played a role in some of our favorite software companies over the years. We’ve raised over $17 million dollars from a diverse group that includes the founders of Instagram, Stripe, Twitter, Zoom, Figma, and LinkedIn. We’re always grateful for new perspectives and shared learnings from experience. If you’d like to lend a hand, please send us a note.

Otherwise, feel free to join our friends and family newsletter, and we promise you’ll be among the first to play with our new browser.

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